After being a victim of Tomato Sauce Crimes myself, I am NOW a proud ambassAdor of the The Max Phillips initiative which aims to fight sauce crimes with love. not hate.

The Memoirs of a white guy Podcast community IS aiming to collect every free sauce location in the country as a protest against places who wrongfully charge extra for Tomato Sauce. 


It all started when I ordered myself an overpriced Meat pie from a cafe at Adelaide airport. a staff member asked "would you like sauce with that?"

And obviously because i am a human BEING with a pulse who has had a pie before, I said yes.

To my surprise she replied with "No worries Sir, that will be 50 cents". Although I did appreciate being referRed to as 'Sir', I was utterly appalled. In the words of of Pauline Hanson, being charged for sauce is simply "Un-Australian".

I felt like Han Solo when Lando Calrissian sells him out to the Empire. Fucking betrayed.

My initial reaction was anger, And thus TOOK IMMEDIATE ACTION by startING a rebellion formly known as 'The Sauce Bandits'. I encouraged fellow bandits who had been ripped off and betrayed by cafes and bakery's around the globe to thieve Sauce saches and squeeze one extra pump on every Tomato sauce bottle they came across.

WE WERE FIGHTING SAUCE CRIMES, WITH SAUCE CRIMES. Those were the dark days of the rebellion

Just as all hope was seemingly lost, I was contacted by a shining light. A revolutionary that went by the name of Max Phillips. 

Max Phillips' Philosophy was simple. To fight sauce crimes with love, not hate.

Instead of punishing those who charge for Tomato sauce, he suggested we focus on rewarding and celebrating those who offer free sauce in the hope that more pie retailers join this movement. 

Sauce bandits AROUND the world joined the Max Phillips initiative, And thus a new age IN the free sauce revolution BEGAN.

I took it upon myself to start a map that aims to list every single store serving Free Sauce in the world, with the help of THE PUBLIC.

I've been proud of a lot of stuff in my career, but being an ambassador for the Max Phillips initiative has been my greatest honour. 

This is just the beginning, I hope this map continues to grow unlike the inflation of Sauce prices.

"Free sauce is a human right, not a privilege" - Max Phillips 2018 

Join the movement And send any free sauce locations you know to

Name a less iconic duo

Name a less iconic duo

Any free sauce is good sauce

Any free sauce is good sauce